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Houndstooth Grooming and Couture - Providing for your pets


We've Moved!

November 1st, 2013  •  We have moved to a new, larger facility at 531 W. Baddour Parkway!Click for Details

Important Information

1 Please read our full POLICIES AND GUIDELINES page - before making reservations/appointments.
2 To expedite your check in time print out our AGREEMENT FORM - These forms are also at our reception desk and can be filled out before any of our wonderful and fun services can be provided. Bring vaccine verifications in with this form. You are more then welcome to bring all paper work before appointment date.
3 Please bring in your computer print out of updated vaccinations for the year from your veterinarian at your first scheduled appointment. We require the following vaccines: Rabies,Bordetella(kennel cough),DHLPPV (Distemper-lepto-Parvo). Please be advised we do not phone, fax, or email vaccine verifications. NOTE: We are a flea-free environment, if fleas are detected we will not be able to receive your pet or provide any of our services.


All services are by appointment ONLY. Same-day appointments may be available, please call ahead.

Houndstooth Grooming & Couture: Policies

All Pets entering Houndstooth must be on a leash or in crate, on flea preventative.







ALL PETS using Houndstooth services must be up to date on following vaccines: Rabies, DHLPPV, Bordetella, and on flea preventative( and no fleas). Puppies must have all puppy series completed. PROOF OF VACCINATION MUST BE A COMPUTER PRINT OUT FROM YOUR VETERINARIAN IN HAND AT YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT. Pet owners are responsible for keeping hounstooth up to date on their pets yearly vaccines. Yearly updates must be hand carried in as well. ATTENTION: WE DO NOT EMAIL, OR FAX, OR CALL IN FOR VACCINES.




BOARDING, DOGGY DAY CARE, AND GROOMING will have Agreement forms that must be filled out on each pet. If you would like to expedite your first scheduled check in time, please look to right of our web site page on step 2 and print off our Agreement/information form. If you forgot, no problem we have them at check in desk.


*BOARDING MUST be spayed or neutered. And non-aggressive to other dogs or humans.You must bring pet's food. We recommend that you supply the regular diet of your pet. Changing food diets can upset your pets tummy and not feeling well while boarding is not a good experience for them, We want the absolute best visit with us. If you know your pet is a nervous nellie, please bring appropriate medicine. If we provide diahrrea medicine it will be a $10 charge for each dose administered. We do not give rawhides or any hard treat that may be unsafe in boarding space. Safety is our #1 concern. We provide bedding (we do not accept outside bedding)Clean bedding and sanitized rooms every morning. We also provide our own clean bowls at every feeding. Fresh water provided in sleeping area, unless instructed by owner to do other wise.

*50% BOARDING DEPOSIT required when boarding reservation is made. We will glady do this by visa, master card or discover via phone, or we welcome you to our Lobby. Deposit will be part of payment at check out time. Pet owner is responsible for paying for full reservation at pick up time. We will not release pet with out payment. We would be more then happy to take payment balance over phone if someone besides owner is picking pet up. You may pick your pet up early, but payment in full must be paid. Please look on our boarding page for drop off and pick up times.

*CANCELLATION AND "NO-SHOW" POLICY FOR BOARDING - If cancellation is made 48 hours (2 days) prior to scheduled reservation drop off date, Deposit will not be refunded BUT will be applied as in store credit. Failure to notify Houndstooth of cancellation 48 hours (2 days) prior to appointment or "No Shows" will forfeit entire deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS.




DOGGY DAY CARE - Must be NON-AGGRESSIVE to other dogs and humans. Must be spayed or neutered. Break-release collar and I.D. (name tag with phone number) required. These items are sold at Houndstooth for convienence. We are not a training facility. All dogs must be of good manner or have had obedience classes. Doggy daycare is also offered with boarding and grooming! Ask about our multiple dog discount, for Doggie Day Care while boarding. Pets that are trained on pee pads must supply belly bands for either female or male gender. (owner also will need to supply sanitary pads for belly bands or wraps). we will not use potty pads in day care area. Please look on our day care page for drop off and pick up times.




GROOMING - NON-AGGRESSIVE, Houndstooth has the right to refuse any Grooming pet. Do not need to be spayed or neutered. For your first grooming experience with us please be prepared to talk to groomer. This will be done at grooming drop-off times, If you should change how your dog is to be groomed, please notify groomer. Please look at our grooming page for drop off  and pick up times.





We do understand the standards and qualifications for our services may be firm, but we must provide a safe, and clean healthy establishment for all. We will be working diligently to protect and make sure everyone's beloved companion is under the best of care with us.