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We've Moved!

November 1st, 2013  •  We have moved to a new, larger facility at 531 W. Baddour Parkway!Click for Details

Important Information

1 Please read our full POLICIES AND GUIDELINES page - before making reservations/appointments.
2 To expedite your check in time print out our AGREEMENT FORM - These forms are also at our reception desk and can be filled out before any of our wonderful and fun services can be provided. Bring vaccine verifications in with this form. You are more then welcome to bring all paper work before appointment date.
3 Please bring in your computer print out of updated vaccinations for the year from your veterinarian at your first scheduled appointment. We require the following vaccines: Rabies,Bordetella(kennel cough),DHLPPV (Distemper-lepto-Parvo). Please be advised we do not phone, fax, or email vaccine verifications. NOTE: We are a flea-free environment, if fleas are detected we will not be able to receive your pet or provide any of our services.


All services are by appointment ONLY. Same-day appointments may be available, please call ahead.

Houndstooth Grooming & Couture: Grooming

Our furry customer will look, smell, and feel their very best. Top performance shampoos and conditioners best suited for the condition of your canine's coat will be used. We will have as much fun grooming and showing them off to you, as you will prancing them about to family and friends.



                                                            Services By Appointment Only

A FULL GROOM by our Certified Groomer includes complete brush out, bath, blow dry, nails trimmed and buffed, paw pads hair shaved, ears cleaned and ear hair plucked, anal glands, sanitary clip, breed specific clip or trim or other style as requested by customer if dog's coat condition permits. NO CAGE DRYING!! Additional fees may be added for dematting or difficult to groom. Please call for pricing. Dont forget, you can add this service while your pet is boarding, or having a day of fun day care with us. 

A TIDY UP OR CLEAN UP includes all the above but we do not cut hair on full body. Face, feet and fanny are trimmed up. This is a great service between groomings or if your loved companion doesn't need fur trimmed on full body.

BNE A nice sudsy bath and conditioner with nail trimmed and buffed and ears cleaned, deshedding and brushed.

Our signature shampoo and cologne are used. Please advise us if you or pet has allergies and we can alternate a shampoo best suited for all.


Grooming drop off is between 7:30 am to 9:00 am. Please be aware that we groom dogs as they have walked in( First come first serve concept) We will call you as soon as grooming is finished and you may pick up at your convenience any time before 6:00 pm. If you plan to pick up later in afternoon, please advise groomer, so she can move other grooming pups up that would like to go home. Please ask about our doggie day rates if your fur-pup would like to utilize while here for grooming day.



         services we provide if you do not need grooming

  • Nail Trims:  $15...$20 with paw pad hair shaved and nails cut and buffed...... 9:00 am only
  • Ear cleaning and ear hair plucked: $15.................................................... 9:00 am only
  • Anal gland expression with posterior cleaned: $25......................................9:00 am only


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